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Cashiers Section

一、We need to try to systematize the way we do the cashier and set a standard specification, build a high quality management Environment for everyone.
二、We will simplify the work flow and clearly identify the job and improve work efficiency & enhance their service and quality.

Team member:1 supervisor and 3 officers

Service Description

一、Various payment charges &Making Payments
This department is responsible for making a variety of payments for the University. For some expenses (such as travel expenses), payments are made through the post office and written or email notification is provided. If payments are made to companies and others, checks are issued.

二、Implement petty cash & check regulations.
taking care of chops, blank checks & receipts, and making sure about the completeness & safety of the booking vouchers

三、salrey& withhold tax (from employee's salary)
四、Scholarship&Salary&Hourly fare
related work includes paying out regular staff salaries, temporary workers’ wages,

五、Tuition Fee Collection&refund
The division is also responsible for student registration and tuition fees collection.

六、 income tax withholding& declaration
七、bank reconciliation(statement)
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